It Takes a Village...


The RAD market's goal is to build as many mutually beneficial relationships in the community as possible!


We wish we could do this without simultaneously asking for money, but seeing that we are not a profit-seeking organization, we have a tough time achieving all of our goals due to budget restrictions.


In exchange for your support, we feel that we have a lot to offer in terms of opportunities to set up in a prime location at our market, tons of recognition via social our website, newsletter, and social media.


Most of the sponsorship monies collected will go directly to the purchase of hip market swag and merch that we will offer as incentives for frequent shoppers and make available for a suggested donation to the market. 


Our location in Pleb Urban Winery's hip, modern environment makes our market a unique and attractive place to hang out for community members of all ages.


There is a real opportunity for local businesses and organizations  to connect with people who love to support the local economy .



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